Reflections on Savannah GA

What a fabulous trip that was full of such interesting people, art and sensory experiences. Great friends like Margaret and David Adams, her sister Betsy Cain, Ellen Longwater, Jane Fishman and of course the ever charismatic and entertaining Dr. John. Art Galleries, history and paranormal experiences. And let's not forget the food!  The Scallops are the size of silver dollars and so sweet. But the food is excellent everywhere we went. Collins Quarter for breakfast or lunch and it's packed but they will text you when it's ready so you can keep going and looking! Elizabeth's on 37th for fine dining and ambience, Crystal Beer Parlor for Crab Stew and the best Onion Rings in the world, not to mention the peach cobbler. Local Ten:11 had KC as our server and attendant. And they had rabbit, buffalo, mussels, duck, octopus, warm olives and if we'd arrived earlier, we could have had a cocktail up top in the trees!  But it was worth watching the Grass on the Salt Marsh at Sunset on Wilmington Island at Betsy's place becoming more golden as the sun goes down and drinking wine and listening to the clack of oysters and clams as they eat their own supper. I do need to mention that the De Soto Hilton had the nicest associates and we had a great corner room with a balcony that became "party central" every night. Their employees are happy. That says a lot about their work environment.